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"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you've imagined" Henry David Thoreau

Using the power of coaching, inspiration of nature and awesomeness of adventures to take time out, reflect and refocus.

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Life,  it’s an adventure. With so many wonderful places to explore, things to do and people to meet. Enjoy the simple things in life. Campfires, sunsets and sunrises.  Oceans, rivers, lakes and gorgeous vistas. Breathe in the clean fresh air. Feel the warmth of the sunshine on your skin.


Stay curious, who knows what will come next, but no matter what make the most of it. Be courageous, life will not always be easy but like the rain, the tough times too will pass. 

Freedom to choose who you are and what you do. Freedom to quit,  to persist or to try something different. Life is for the living, how will you live yours?


Love life’s adventures. Travel, climb mountains, cross oceans. Do that thing you have always dreamed of doing. Embrace new things and cherish special peopleA dog’s wagging tail, avocados and flip flops.  The silky feel of open water. Raindrops on a tent roof. Swaying softly in a hammock. Disconnect, unplug and enjoy the simple beauty of nature. Relax.


Freedom to be you, to go after your dreams and do what makes you happy. Life, it’s an adventure, so live it!

Dear Gdad

Dear Grandad,

How odd it feels to be writing to you here, writing words that you will never read, but maybe you will receive them somehow, who knows what happens when we leave this earth.

I don’t yet know if these words will make a blog or not, in part it feels like my goodbye to you should be kept between just us, but in another way, I want to let the world know how proud I am of you and how much I appreciated having you in my life.

My Clipper Family – sailing on a slow boat to China!

Time for a little blog recycling!  I wrote this blog just over 4 years ago about my fellow leg 5 watch mates as we sailed from Brisbane to Singapore on the Clipper Race. As my partner Mark is currently sailing on the race, and I am also working for Clipper memories of all things Clipper have come flooding back. Plus this reminds me of how important it is to have family in every port!

Tips & tricks to get more time & stop procrastination in its tracks!

When you've got an important goal to work on it can sometimes be the hardest thing to get stuck into. Ditto for a boring task. As I've completed the delicious slide from full time work to full time working from home (currently freelancing and on my business) I've had...

Join the odd sock revolution!

Introducing Jess! This revolution is inspired by one of my favourite people, Jess. We first got to know each other properly whilst taking drama for GCSE. Not being natural actors or performers we used to sit in the 'safe corner' of the drama room (backs to the wall,...

Blogfest! My Biz My Way – with Freedom

When I saw that Judith Morgan was doing a blogfest I jumped at the opportunity to be one of the 52 bloggers involved. First up anything that ends with fest is normally good fun! I am a fan of Judith's work and with 'guest blogging' on my to-do list it...

New year, new energy! And what to do if that new energy has already gone flying out the window!

How were you feeling as the clock ticked over at midnight on the 31st of December and a new year begun? Excited about all the wonderful stuff planned for 2018? Hopeful of what was to come?

Vagueness & its place in guarding my dreams

From the archives! I originally wrote this post two years ago in January 2016. Two years on and it provides a great opportunity to look back and reflect on my progress. I will be blogging about this soon so here’s the original to provide a line in the sand of where I was at not all that long ago. 

Bungy jumping to freedom!

The Nevis Bungy has around 8 seconds of free fall. Mine was longer as the length of the rope was still adjusted to the weight of the last jumper, a tiny Chinese lady who must have been a good 20kg lighter than me! In those 8+ seconds I was so utterly scared I wasn’t able to make a sound, I wondered what on earth I was doing and I even started to question if I was going to feel the tug of the bungy at all. And it felt a hell of a lot longer than 8 seconds!

Living my very own #vanlife!

My love affair with vans began one Easter uni holidays at Barnstaple train station carpark! After a long wait, my friends finally arrived in Paul's van to pick me up and so a week of surfing and trips out in the van followed. I was hooked! Through the uni years,...

I am an ocean swimmer. I am an ocean swimmer.

As I waded into the water for a quick dip I realised that rather than enjoying playing in the small waves I was terrified of them. My healthy respect for the ocean and ease in the water had been replaced with sky-high fear levels.

Keen to rediscover my love of waves and to get into ocean swimming, something I theoretically knew that I would love, I needed to find a way to conquer this.

Learning to swim. Again.

“Are you ok?” Matt asked I nodded, “sure?” he asked, I nodded again but I don’t think I was all that convincing! My chest was tightening making it harder and harder to swim.  We were on the far side of Coogee bay and it was my first swim with the Coobras.  Even getting to this point had been a bit of a mission,

What a difference a year makes!

This time last year I was at the pointy end of a countdown to Saturday the 26th November. The date on which I had signed up to do my very first ocean swim race, a 2km swim in Toowoon Bay. As the fated date approached I was far too anxious to be excited or looking...

Winning starts with beginning

On Thursday morning this little quote popped up on my Momentum and slapped me around the face! For just 4 words it packs a powerful punch! As I read it again it became even more emphasised in my mind Winning. Starts. With. BEGINNING. So, hands up, who doesn't want to...

Appreciating my Jim!

I came across a beautiful story a couple of months back. As so many things in life, I stumbled across it at exactly the right time, the words struck a chord with me and have been playing in the back of my mind ever since. Today I eventually dug it out from where I had...

Sailing Right out of my Comfort Zone!

It was January 2014 and I was sat on the bow of a boat with the sun beating down on me, having my first introduction to Sikaflex!  For those not familiar with Sikaflex it’s the nautical equivalent of duct tape, if it’s leaking bung a bit

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