Let me help you move forwards in the direction of your dreams!

Yes, you could do it by yourself but its often a lot quicker with a gentle (or firm!) push in the right direction! So let me challenge, encourage and inspire you to change things up, to explore and live the life you have imagined.  I will support to you take tiny, and big steps forward and hold you accountable so not making progress is not an option!

I use the power of coaching to help you move forwards. I ask the tricky questions which you may have been avoiding asking yourself to help you discover what’s really important to you. And I champion you to see the amazing possibilities at the times when you might feel its impossible.

I use the outdoors as my ‘workspace’ (and playspace!), from individual coaching sessions on the beach or at the park to multi-day group adventures combining camping, and hiking, or cycling or kayaking, you will soon be moving forward both figuratively and physically!

I weave my core values of Freedom, Kindness, Courage, Laughter and Adventure into every program so you can expect to be challenged to step outside your comfort zone, to feel championed and supported at all times and to have fun whilst doing it.

I believe in the power of positivity and hanging out with fellow optimists so regardless of which program you sign up for I will be creating opportunities for you to connect with my community to amplify the accountability, inspiration, support and positivity!

Ready to track down those forgotten dreams? Then check out my programs!

Facing Fears Weekender!

FEAR! How does it show up in your life? What is it stopping you doing? Where does it cause you to hold back rather than taking the action and bold steps forward you are craving?

Join us for a weekend of fear facing in the beautiful Bouddi National Park where we will be exploring all aspects of fear and why its both a blessing and a hindrance!

Expect a gorgeous camping spot, bushwalking, beach time and some fear busting activities. You will develop a new insight & understanding of your fears, where they come from and how to handle them. You will come away with an action plan to make progress on your biggest dreams or projects despite your fears.

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone" Neale Donald Walsch

Maximum 8 places available. More details to follow, please register your interest to receive further information as soon as is it available!

The Sunrise Sessions

Begin every month positively and progressively move towards your life’s dreams.

An opportunity to reflect on the previous month and set intentions for the month ahead with the support of fellow go-getters. Inspired by the beautiful sunrise and backdrop of Maroubra Beach.

Held on the first day of every month, times dependent on the sunrise.


Individual Coaching

Take some time out in the beauty of nature to reflect on and explore your goals and dreams.

Whether you are feeling the need for a little more adventure or excitement in your life, are feeling stuck in a role or a job or a life you don’t love or want to explore living your life to the full then I can help.

Individual coaching sessions held at the park or on the beach.

3 & 6 month packages available. Free taster session.

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