The Sunrise Sessions

Begin every month positively and progressively move towards your life’s dreams. An opportunity to reflect on the previous month and set intentions for the month ahead with the support of fellow go-getters.

Inspired by the beautiful sunrise and backdrop of Maroubra Beach. These sessions will occur on the first day of every month (except for public holidays) with times varying dependent on the sunrise. The sessions will last around 45 minutes.

By attending regularly you will get the added bonus of ongoing accountability and getting to know some fellow supportive lovely people who are determined to live an amazing life!

Don’t rush off! Most likely I will be going for coffee and/or a swim after the session so if you have the time you are very welcome to join me.

What should I bring?
Bring a notebook and a pen to make some notes.  Depending on the time of year bring some warm clothes or your swimmers for a swim!
What should I wear?
Dress appropriately for the weather, bearing in mind it can be colder first thing in the morning before the sun gets up. We will be walking and sitting on the beach so wear comfortable clothes.
What if it’s raining?
We will still go ahead with the session, there are some covered areas we can use if its really bad weather!
How much does it cost?
Nothing! These sessions are free.
Where will I meet you?
I will send out final details a couple of days before the session so please make sure you have registered via Eventbrite or have let me know you are planning on coming.

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