Challenge Oodles!

Challenges, I love them! They give us the opportunity to grow, to learn new skills, to meet new people or hang out with old friends, and to push ourselves.

Macmillion has a great definition of a challenge;

‘something that needs a lot of skill, energy & determination to deal with or achieve, especially something you have never done before and will enjoy doing”

I’m personally a big fan of outdoor physical challenges. Why? Because they get me out regularly in the environments I love, they give me the motivation to develop my fitness & skills, the opportunities to meet new people and frequently push me right out of my comfort zone!

Have you taken on a new challenge that will be awesome and epic but is feeling a bit, or a lot, scary right now?! Well I know how that feels!

Or maybe you have a challenge in mind that you would love to take on but fear is stopping you from taking the first steps? Ahhhhh!

Well don’t panic! I would love to help if you will let me?!

My speciality is in coaching people just like you through your challenge, no matter where you are at, how daunting or impossible it feels and regardless of what obstacles come up.   I can help you overcome your fear, procrastination and overwhelm so you can develop a winning mindset and succeed at that awesome challenge, whilst still having fun.

Through my own experience I know the fears that can set in and how the initial motivation and excitement can ebb away making it hard to push through with your challenge at the times when giving up seems like the very best option.

Coaching can be hugely beneficial alongside any physical & nutritional training programs you may be undertaking. It can help to address your underlying fears, strengthen your motivation and drive, and to address any unexpected surprises that pop up!

So if you could do with a little mindset boost then get in touch and let’s see how I can help you out!

My Challenges

5 years ago I took on my first big challenge & haven’t really looked back since. As well as having some pretty cool experiences these challenges have shaken my life up in all kinds of good ways I couldn’t have imagined and had numerous positive knock-on effects on the rest of my life.

Personally, I set a challenge on my birthday (or thereabouts!) to be completed before my next birthday. My first birthday challenge saw me sailing from Brisbane to the UK as part of the Clipper Race and my lust for challenges and adventures has spiralled from there! Over the years I have;

  • sailed 20,000 nautical miles from Australia to the UK as part of the Clipper Race
  • rowed 55 miles around the Isle of Wight
  • hiked & eaten my way through France, Italy and Switzerland on the Tour de Mont Blanc
  • overcome my fears to take on my first 2km ocean swim
  • section hiked a part of the Appalachian trail – including coming face to face with a bear!
  • explored beautiful New South Wales whilst maintaining the stamina to go camping every single week for a year

This year I am training for the Forester ultra-triathlon. At the time of writing (February 2018) the furthest distance I have run is 5km (which actually included a bit of walking!) and my cycling is pretty sporadic. Ironically my swimming is probably my strongest discipline which is progress as there is no way I could have said that two years ago! Whatever way you look at it I have a lot of training ahead of me and it is definitely going to fulfill my desire for a challenge!

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