Individual Coaching

I believe that we can all live the life of our dreams, no matter what they may be. A job you love, a 4 day week, enough time to spend quality time with friends and family, health and fitness, travel and adventures. It may not always be the easiest path, but I believe that with courage and determination anything is achievable.

I love working with awesome people, supporting them as they move towards the life of their dreams. I particularly love working with people who want to take on a physical challenge or adventure that might initially feel impossible to them. I find it amazing the positive impact that achieving something that you didn’t think you can do can have in all areas of your life.

My coaching style is supportive, encouraging and challenging! I will champion you to see the amazing possibilities even when you might feel its impossible and will always hold you in loving positive regard. I work hard alongside my clients to find pragmatic solutions and believe in finding the fun both in coaching sessions and in life.

I hold my coaching sessions outside so we can also benefit from the relaxing and inspiring presence of nature. So take your pick, do you fancy the beach or the park?!

Taster Session



Not sure if coaching is for you? Why not try it out in a free, no obligation taster session. In this session you will identify & plan your first steps to move towards your dreams.

1-hour session + a follow up call a week later




Exploring freedom



Feeling a bit stuck? This package of 3 x 1-hour sessions will help get you focused and moving confidently towards your goals and dreams.

Unlimited email support in between sessions




Discovering Freedom



Ready to dive in deep and make big changes in your life? Invest in your future with this package of 6 x 1-hour sessions.

Unlimited email support in between sessions.




So, what is coaching?!


It’s a good question and one I have realised many people have some odd perceptions about! In fact, I was there myself until I attended an introduction to coaching session a few years back and realised quite how powerful and valuable coaching can be. I was also completely fascinated by the process and how it can move people forward in their lives which led to me training as a coach myself.

The International Coaching Federation defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. Coaching is a client-driven process that’s distinct from other service professions, such as counselling, mentoring, consulting and training. The coaching process helps clients improve their outlook on work and life, while improving their leadership skills and unlocking their potential.

To me, coaching is about honest conversations which encourage, support and challenge my clients to achieve their goals and dreams.

What a coaching session with me will involve
  • a supportive and encouraging space to explore
  • an impartial listening ear
  • time to reflect
  • the opportunity to be challenged to achieve things you didn’t think possible
  • probing questions that will get you thinking, possibly in ways you haven’t done before!
  • support with setting challenging but realistic goals which I will hold you accountable to
What a coaching session with me will not involve!


  • me giving you advice – you are the expert in your own life so I would never be so presumptuous as to think that I know best!
  • counselling – this is a different skill set and if there is something in your life that I feel you would do better discussing with a counseller I will kindly and respectfully let you know.
  • me leading the discussion and telling you what I think you should be doing!
  • criticism, judgement or negativity


My qualifications


I have completed a diploma in Coaching, Mentoring and Interpersonal Facilitation with the Global Coaching Academy. This included a deep dive into my own personal development and over 30 hours of practising my coaching and also being coached so I know what its like! This course is fully accredited by the International Coaching Federation, the leading global organization dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high standards, providing independent certification and building a worldwide network of trained coaching professionals.

Through my coaching I follow ICF’s guidelines and competencies and am working towards the next level of professional qualification Associate Certified Coach.

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