On Thursday morning this little quote popped up on my Momentum and slapped me around the face! For just 4 words it packs a powerful punch! As I read it again it became even more emphasised in my mind


So, hands up, who doesn’t want to win??

I know that I certainly do. Top of my mind for areas I would like to be winning at the moment is in my business, Oodles of Freedom. An Oodles win for me would include (but not be limited to!) having a surplus of happy clients, utterly loving the work that I do, flexibility around where and when I work and earning a decent living out of it. Yep, I like the idea of winning!

But then there’s that awkward bit that sits between now and the winning, beginning! It’s kind of obvious but sometimes the obvious needs to be said,

beginning is an important first step for all of us no matter what we are doing or taking on.

As babies, before we can win at walking, we first have to go through the crawls and bumps and hanging on that prepares us for the first faltering unaided steps. Which eventually leads to walking, skipping and jumping, winning!!

As adults whenever we decide we want to win at something new we simply cannot get there without beginning.

Want to be a Wimbledon champion or even just hold your own at the local tennis club? First, you have to begin, fumbling that serve into the net again and again without the pretty ballgirl returning the ball for you! Practising and practising until the aces fly and you win your first point, then your first game, then your first set and your first match.

Want to write an amazing blog? First up you have to put in the hours, writing and honing that art. Putting the imperfect blogs and words out there whilst consistently developing and growing as a writer, getting increasingly adept at writing things people can’t wait to read.

Winning starts with beginning.

As I read that quote I had a realisation. I hadn’t really yet begun with my business.

Yes, I’ve made some great steps forward – I’ve got a website, a business number, I’ve run a couple of small events and even have business cards!

But I have also been stalling, delaying sharing and promoting my website until it was perfect and therefore, because it’s never going to be perfect, never quite beginning. I have been getting my steps all out of sync by attempting to delay my beginning until I was winning! Enough of that!

Here’s to imperfect beginnings, which with time and persistence will lead to winning!

I would love to know what are you currently winning at and how did you begin? Or is there something that you would love to be winning at, but in all honesty haven’t yet really begun? Do comment below or get in touch and tell me about it, I would love to hear from you.

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