“ Being coached by Sam is an amazing experience. She is incredibly supportive and creates a great environment where I feel safe at all times to explore. I had previously a negative experience with coaching where I felt judged and uncomfortable discussing some important issues but Sam always makes me feel accepted and understood.

She is also great at helping uncovering issues you may not be aware at first. I started working on a specific topic on our first session but progressively moved to other topic which I was not consciously aware of.

Thanks to our sessions and follow ups I had some powerful breakthroughs that are having a great impact in my life. Thanks for your help Sam. I am truly grateful. ”


Individual Coaching, 2017

" You only live once, so I’m glad I’m doing this crazy thing which I wouldn’t be doing if it weren’t for you. "


3 Peaks Challenge, March 2015

“I had the pleasure of participating Sam’s Facing Fears Weekender and it absolutely exceeded all my expectations!

Before attending, I was only vaguely aware of how many negative thoughts and mental constraints influence my everyday life’s thinking. Coming together with a fantastic group of females and sharing thoughts and experiences, created the safe space I needed to open up, encounter with those thoughs guiding my decisions – AND finally scrutinizing them.

Sam has been such an amazing coach, knowing how to break the ice and making everybody feel welcome immediately. This weekend has left me with a lifted spirit and rewired the way I’m thinking of myself and how others might think of my- or themselves. I was able to evaluate the progress I have made over the years, and what’s still left for me to improve in the future.

Again, thank you so much, Sam! It is an amazingly beautiful thing you’ve created with that event and I can warmly and most honestly recommend it to anybody who has ever struggled with fears in any perspective!


Facing Fears Weekender, 2018

“ I can highly recommend Sam for personal coaching. I had 3 months of coaching with Sam and found it to be very helpful. Sam is someone who will coach you at your own pace and knows just how much to nudge you when required. She is very encouraging and knows the right questions to ask to really get you thinking.

I have made positive changes to my life since my coaching sessions with Sam. It can be a bit scary at first but Sam is very patient and friendly and I think anyone would benefit quite significantly working with her. She gives it her all and if you do the same you will notice great results.”


Individual Coaching, 2016

“As my coach, Samantha built a genuine and supportive relationship with me that helped me achieve many actions I had set for myself. She also helped me explore my thinking by challenging me with really good questions and encouraging reflection, and importantly, mindfulness.

Samantha always made me feel like she was in my corner and she was also great at keeping me accountable. I needed a coach like this to help me move towards my goals and as a result, I achieved a lot of tasks that I may not have, had I not been in this engagement with her.


Individual Coaching, 2018

“… I would go through all the pain I feel right now all over again, just to enjoy that feeling of camaraderie, togetherness and pride that this brought.

Samantha, it’s you that’s inspirational – you dreamt it, made it come to life and roped us all in! And, you never once gave up or even thought of it…. I am so proud to have been a part of it, and to have been a part of it with such amazing ladies. XX ”


Isle of Wight Row, May 2015

“I went along to Sam’s ‘Facing Fears’ weekend and would definitely recommend it to anyone that’s looking for a bit of guidance and perspective.

I’m usually really cynical of anything I see as ‘self help’, and it was the adventure and outdoors aspect that sold it to me. But actually, I ended up really enjoying the coaching side of things too.

Like most people in life I was feeling quite overwhelmed with decisions and was basically procrastinating and not actioning anything. I walked away with a renewed sense of purpose and have actually made some big decisions that I was wavering on before.

Although this weekend can’t solve every issue you have, it helps you to re-frame thoughts and ask ‘why’ you’re doing/not doing something. Sam made everyone feel really welcome and created a relaxed and open atmosphere from the get go.

Plus, it was all done to the back drop of a beautiful location, with hikes, swims, and awesome food. I’d highly recommend Sam’s weekends, and her capabilities as a coach.


Facing Fears Weekender, 2018

“I found Sam’s approach both challenged and supported me to step into the place I want to be with my work.  My conversations with her were really useful in encouraging me to explore my own ideas and unpick my responses and reactions to other peoples’ advice about building my own business."


Individual Coaching, 2017

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