This time last year I was at the pointy end of a countdown to Saturday the 26th November. The date on which I had signed up to do my very first ocean swim race, a 2km swim in Toowoon Bay.

As the fated date approached I was far too anxious to be excited or looking forward to it! Instead, so many thoughts were swirling through my mind;

  • why on earth did I ever think that entering the 2km swim rather then the 1k swim was a good idea?
  • actually, why did I even think that entering a 1km swim would be a good idea?!
  • what’s the furthest I have ever swum in the ocean?
  • why had I left my birthday challenge so so late? (I take on a challenge each year to be completed by my birthday, the swim was last year’s birthday challenge so should have been completed by the 8th October, I was way behind!)
  • was it too late to pick another birthday challenge instead?
  • would anyone even notice apart from me?!
  • would the flippers I had recently bought help or hinder or just fall off my feet?!
  • maybe watching another video on youtube or blog on open water swimming would help!

Today, 4 days out from this year’s Toowoon Bay swim my thoughts are very different.

  • I wonder if I can beat last year’s time, I’m pretty sure I will be able to, and I’m looking forward to seeing by how much
  • I wonder if I can not be the slowest in my age category this year! I really hope so!
  • I wonder if I can swim the whole 2km freestyle rather then reverting to breaststroke, my safety stroke like I did so many times last year.

What a difference a year makes. Particularly with the added comfort of knowing what to expect makes! Dare I say it, I’m actually really looking forward to this year’s swim!

What was big and scary for you a year ago, and could you have ever imagined progressing it the stage you are at now? Or would you love to be excelling at something in a year that feels big and scary right now?

Do write and tell me, I would love to hear from you. Or if you fancy really making some progress why not book a free coaching session with me?

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